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Empowering women throughout Washington and beyond, BPW welcomes you to a vibrant community of diverse women and men across professions and ages. From networking in your local neighborhood to connecting with a global network, BPW offers boundless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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The Many Benefits of Joining BPW/WA

Each member of BPW has the opportunity to network with members around the state and in their local area, listen to enthusiastic and diverse speakers, participate in leadership training, become a leader or speaker within BPW, help other women to help themselves, learn about the politics that affect your business or personal life, and develop lasting friendships. Being a BPW/WA member opens up many possibilities and avenues for professional, personal, and political growth on a Local, State, National, and International level. Many members find what they need, add to their skill set, and develop business contacts and friendships along the way. BPW is a diverse organization of women helping women whenever possible.

  • Build your professional network and connect with experienced mentors

    BPW offers a diverse network of professional women, many of whom are willing to mentor and guide younger members. This can be invaluable for young people starting out in their careers.

  • Gain access to career advancement opportunities and job postings

    BPW has a network of job postings and can help young people connect with employers who are looking for talented workers.

  • Develop leadership skills through workshops, conferences, and committees

    BPW provides numerous opportunities for young people to develop their leadership skills. This can help them stand out in the workplace and advance their careers.

  • Make a difference in your community through volunteer and advocacy initiatives

    BPW is committed to social change and offers young people a chance to make a difference in their communities. This can be a great way to give back and make a positive impact on the world.

Local Organizations (Clubs)


Campus Local

SouthWest Local

Eastside Local

Republic Local

Campus Local

BPW Campus is for those located from Lynnwood,  Shoreline, Montlake Terrace, Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, Lake City, and south through downtown Seattle.

Eastside Local

BPW Eastside is for those located in Everett, Woodinville, Bothell, Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, and Renton.

Republic Local

BPW Republic is for those located in and around Republic, Chelan, Spokane, and Wenatchee.

SW Seattle Local

BPW SW Seattle is for those located in and around West Seattle, Burien, Des Moines, Kent, Auburn, Tacoma, Enumclaw, and Puyallup.

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