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Rosalind Scott

BPW/WA President Message

As we celebrate our nation's independence, we are reminded of the enduring spirit of resilience and possibility that defines our journey as women in business and leadership. Just as our nation fought for and secured its independence, we too have embarked on a path towards empowerment and equality.

Today, let us reflect on the significance of this moment in history—not only for our country but also for us as women. Our foremothers fought tirelessly for the freedoms we now cherish, paving the way for our voices to be heard and our ambitions to flourish. They dared to dream beyond the confines of societal norms, challenging barriers and stereotypes along the way.

In the same spirit of determination and hope that guided our nation's founders, let us envision the future of our organization. Together, we have built a community where support, mentorship, and collaboration thrive. Each one of you brings a unique perspective and strength to our collective journey towards success and empowerment.

As we look ahead, let us embrace the opportunities that lie before us with optimism and courage. Let us continue to break new ground, inspire change, and empower each other to reach greater heights. Our journey is a testament to the progress we have made and the limitless potential that lies within each of us.

Happy Independence Day to all of you. 

With gratitude and excitement for what lies ahead,

Your State President

Rosalind Scott

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A BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT SUPPORTED OUR AUCTION! We raised over 20K with your help. 

What a great evening had by all; we are so thankful for everyone who made it to McMenamin's. We will get more pictures up but I wanted to highlight our beloved Irene Carter who is 99 years young and taking a photo with her daughter in our photo booth.